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McFly Mood Theme

I made a McFly Mood Theme and thought I would share it with you all!!

Installation Instructions
If you don't have a paid/plus account.....
1. Go to Manage Account.
2. Click "Upgrade to Plus" and then hit "Save". (You can change back after the installation)
3. Go to Admin Console.
4. Copy and paste this into it: moodtheme_create "McFly Mood Theme" "by star55" Click "Execute". Stay at this page.
5. Download the file below, which is the Notepad document, and open it:

6. Go back to your Admin Console, and find where it says this: Success.Your new mood theme ID is ###. (The "###" will be an actual number)
7.Copy this number, and switch to Notepad. Go to Edit - Replace. Under"Find What:", type ###. Under "Replace With:" type your mood theme IDnumber. (The one given to you on your Admin Console page) Hit "ReplaceAll".
8. Copy the entire Notepad document, and paste it into your Admin Console. Hit "Execute".
9. Go to your Customize theme page.Under the Display tab, find "Mood Themes". Click the dropdown list, andscroll down to Personal Themes, under which you should find "McFly Mood Theme". Select this, and click "Save Changes".
10. Go to your Manage Profile page. Under Bio, please add:

ZIP File is HERE

for those that want to upload to their own server
I have no problems with people using my pb account for this as I made another one for all my graphics.

PLUS comment if you are taking. No images are used twice.

Instructions taken from Refuted.

Tags: mcfly, moodtheme
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