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Hairspray Picspam

For Challenge 13 @ picspammy

I've never done a picspam on here before and since the theme was "Something Different" I thought I'd participate.
I chose the "Welcome to the 60s" song/scene from the movie Hairspray which I completely adore.
My screencapping program decided to be temperamental so I did over 1000 screencaps by hand...
Anyway, I hope you all enjoy!!

Edna: Tracy, I haven't left this house in years.
Tracy: Well, isn't it time you did?
Tracy: It's changing out there!
Edna: Oh no, Tracy. We'll have your father meet with him.

Tracy: Ma, it's changing out there! You'll like it. People who are different... Their time is coming.

Mr. Pinky: There's my shining star! Fantastic to meet you! I'm Mr. Pinky
Tracy: It's so nice to meet you!
Mr. Pinky: Tracy, is this your older sister?
Edna: Oh!
Mr. Pinky: Perhaps you both would like some complimentary couture?
[hands them a tray of doughnuts]
Edna: Couture?
Mr. Pinky: [presents Edna with Tracy's spokesgirl contract] Now, if you could just sign here...

Edna: Flattery will not distract Miss Turnblad's agent from reading the fine print!
Mr. Pinky: Her agent?
Edna: [hands Tracy the food tray] Tracy, eat your doughnuts.
[to Mr. Pinky]
Edna: Let's talk...

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